Seven Springs Farm

Website: www.facebook.com/ountain Heritage Body Care

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

My little homestead is located in Six Mile, SC. Being concerned about the quality of the food I eat, I have been growing a variety of produce and herbs in a small garden for more than a decade. I choose heirloom/heritage seeds and plants for great flavor and non-gmo contamination. I incorporate organically-grown methods in growing and caring for my plants, though I am not certified organic. My gardening includes bio-dynamic practices in preparing the soil and fertilizing with well-composted goat, chicken and rabbit manure in the soil and fish emulsion on actively growing plants. When companion planting of flowers and herbs do not deter pests, I use organic or homemade natural pesticide sprays to control pests. Instead of spraying, I hand weed my raised beds.

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