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Welcome to the Carolina Foothills Locally Grown weblog. Mainly this is a collection of e-mails that we send out each week to kick off the market, but also tells the tale of our little market.

Growers/producers may list their available products at any time now. To be available for each weeks market they must be posted no later than 8:00pm on Friday.

The site will be opened for shopping Friday evening at 9:00pm and remain open for shopping until 4 pm Monday afternoon.

Growers will drop-off their orders from 3:30 to 4:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday. Customers can pick-up their products from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on pick up site).

Customers and growers please double check your drop-off and pick-up locations. Customers, you can specify your pick-up location when you order.

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Market Opens Tonight

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the market opens tonight at 4:00 PM. Come one, Come all Bring Friends!!!!!

Happy Shopping,


Good Food!

Clicking the above link will take you to market !

Big Fish. Healthy Eating!
Yes! The Tilapia are HUGE and ready to eat!
I visited Bo’s Garden Farm and saw the Tilapia for myself. Wow! Get a lot of these fish now and freeze them! This is one of those times when they are abundant and BIG!
I actually was amazed at their size!

I also saw lots of fish fertilizer as fish waste is collected! Hopefully that will get listed! This gardener definitely wants a gallon of that brown gold!

Leah Lake Farm is back with *Lettuces*and Greens As well as garlic.

Sylvan Falls Mill offers stone milled Organic grains and flours so you can make your own breads or just order your breads and pastries from them!

Butternut Squash is here! Both Baird Farms and Wild Earth Gardens are offering those!

And lastly, remember your personal care products which are offered here and hand made using the best ingredients! Soaps , Salves, Herbal Mists, Lip Balms, as well as products for Home and Garden!

Welcome Back People!

Eat Well & Live!

Market Opens Tonight!

Good day to you all!

Please Welcome our New Market Manager
Susan Hackett! Susan and her husband Daryl are one of our own Local Farmers . You have probably eaten their Tilapia!

I’m very happy and we all can expect great things for our Market!

Farmers will be updating their products so be sure to check throughout the weekend as you find the food you need.

Remember your pick up site:
Easley /Pickens YMCA Pickens Lobby 4:15-6:00
Six Mile Farmer Market Lot. 3:30-4:30

And*Welcome* to out new members!

Eat Well!

The Market

Hello Good People,
Im back from visiting family out west. Local Organic is not only common but actually expected by the locals there . Really awesome !

So I’ve made a decision to move back to be with my family.

I am looking for another market manager who is passionate about getting local organic food to our community. In the meantime , I will keep our market turned OFF until I find that person.

Keep your products listed because it’s so easy to ‘turn on’ this market People can still view products and become a member.

Thanks to you ALL for growing and producing the absolute best food for our communities. I will keep you posted!

Much Love ,

The Market is Open!!

Welcome Friends.

Summer Veggies are growing and the abundance is amazing. Heirloom Tomatoes, Edamame, Okra, cucumbers and Peppers and more .

Reminder: market will be *CLOSED’ August 1-15

Order what you’ll need and visit some of these farmers at your local farmers markets.

Local Markets:

Westminster on Tuesdays
Six Mile on Thursdays. 4-7
Patrick Square in Central Friday 3-6
Easley Saturday Market 8-12

Happy Eating!

Market will OPEN at 8pm!

Market Opens Tonight!

I am back after many hikes on the AT! Awesome trip!!!

Tomatoes have ripened, cucumbers are swelling, squash are squashing.

Remember you can order through Monday afternoon by 4pm.

Eat Well


The Market will be closed this week!

Your Farmer / Market Manager is out of town!

We will be back next week!

Eat Well!

Happy Fourth!!

*Happy 4th of July *

Market will OPEN early because of the festivities of today.

Remember that you can order through Monday afternoon 4pm with pick up on Tuesday Afternoon for both Six Mile and Pickens/Easley.

Baird Farm has Okra, Pink Pontiac and Yukon Gold Potatoes, French Filet Green Beans, Squashes , Sweet Onions , Bozeman Cucumbers (family heirloom) and maybe ( fingers crossed) beautiful Heirloom Tomatoes.

Leah Lake Farm and Giggle Farm have all your lettuces and greens. !

Sylvan Falls Mill has wonderful breads, muffins, scones along with White & Yellow Grits , flours and more. All processed on their own 1840’s stone mill.

Don’t forget the butter and milk products from Southern Oaks Jersey Creamery . Goats milk and cheese from Crescent Moon Farm.

There are many other good farmers offering chemical free food , drink , medicine and bath products.

Take your time, look around. Just make sure to get your orders in by Monday afternoon.

Happy 4th! Be Safe!


Volunteer :

Monday Morning Reminder for June 30

Happy Rainey Monday !

Here’s your reminder to remember to get your orders in by 4 pm today.

We’ve got plenty of really good food and drink available. Cucumbers and squash are here!

Eat well!

Monday Morning Reminder!

Good morning friends,

Remember to get your orders in by 4pm today!

Good, locally grown chemical-free food here to keep you healthy and strong!

Eat well!