Bradshaw Farm

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We use Organic and Sustainable growing practices to grow the Heirloom Variety vegetables that you will enjoy. We Grow Heritage Narragansett Breed Turkeys. These were named in the 1600’s to represent a cross between the Mexican/Spanish Black Turkey and the American Wild Turkey. These birds are Free-ranging. We offer these birds in advance for the holidays. Here are the details:

Dressed and ready to cook lb weights: cost is $6.00 per pound
8-10; 10-12; 12-14; 14-16; 16-18; and 18-20

The weight of turkey wanted
Whether for Thanksgiving with delivery to market dates: Tuesdays, November 19th and 26th
Christmas with delivery date: Tuesday, December 17th

$25.00 deposit required
Include phone number and date needed

When ordering leave a note for market manager with this information so we can confirm.

If you want to “Visit Your Turkey”, just give us a call and make arrangements. Thank You!

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