Liberty, SC

Address: 4 Woodhaven Drive
Hours: 7 pm -8 pm
Phone Number: 864-986-9252

Off Hwy 178
From Spinx take left for at church
From town, go over track and make right at Jetco

Pickens /Easley SC

Image Address: YMCA Pickens Hwy 8
Hours: 4:15 to 6:15
Phone Number: 864-436-7773

We"ll be right inside the front enterance or at the end of the parking lot right off the street.

See you Tuesday afternoon!

Six Mile, SC

Address: The Old Firehouse Down Town
Hours: Tuesdays. 3:30-5:30
Phone Number: 864-436-7773

The old Firehouse in Down Town Six Mile!
Parking Lot.