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Market Closed This Week.

Hello all,

Sorry this is late I just realized it is Saturday.

My husband and I decided to stay up all night Wednesday and cook so we could just eat, sleep and play family games on Thursday.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Turkey Day.

Unfortunately, I had a fear confirmed…….

I have a puppy with Parvo. So far my other 3 dogs appear symptom free but Panda was acting “off” about 3 days before it hit and by the time it was confirmed by a friend (I brought it into my house when she called me over to check out one of her puppies that has been sick since it was born 6 months earlier)Taco was having seizures and on Tuesday (I went over on Monday) and by Thursday she had lost 3 dogs including Taco.

Anyway, by the time it was confirmed on Turkey Day Panda was in very bad shape. So lack of sleep then trying to save my puppies life Friday rolled around and I never even thought about the market.

I couldn’t open it anyway. I seriously doubt any of you that may have ordered would want me go touch your products knowing I am completely submersed in the Parvo Virus.

To try and protect my other dogs I have quarantined myself and Panda in the bedroom and the dogs in the front of the house.

I couldn’t leave if I wanted too.

I would like to give some valuable info though just for future reference. I have a completely herbal remedy that appears to be slowly but surely pulling Panda back from the brink of death. My friend has used it and she brought 4 of her effected dogs back. Hers appeared to recover by the following day. Panda has not recovered as quickly but he is definitely showing signs of improvement. If all goes well and he makes a full recovery I would be.more then happy to share my solution with anyone that prefers natural healing over Meds.

Thank You for understanding,