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Welcome to the Carolina Foothills Locally Grown weblog. Mainly this is a collection of e-mails that we send out each week to kick off the market, but also tells the tale of our little market.

Growers/producers may list their available products at any time now. To be available for each weeks market they must be posted no later than 8:00pm on Friday.

The site will be opened for shopping Friday evening at 9:00pm and remain open for shopping until 4 pm Monday afternoon.

Growers will drop-off their orders from 3:30 to 4:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday. Customers can pick-up their products from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on pick up site).

Customers and growers please double check your drop-off and pick-up locations. Customers, you can specify your pick-up location when you order.

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Monday Morning Reminder 4/14/14

Good morning folks,

A friendly reminder to get your orders in by 4pm today! There is lots of good food and herbs to be had.

Thank you for supporting local growers using sustainable growing practiced.

Enjoy your day!

P.S. For those of you who are new here, WELCONE! Your pick up sites address should come to you when the market closes. :)

April 11, 2014 Market Opens This Evening

Welcome to our newest grower Miss Bees Honey Bones! She uses her own harvested honey to make Doggie treats that you can snack on as well! You will find an herbal Tea Tonic used for calming your pet during storms and high stress!

Baird Family Farm is offering " Baby Hakurei Turnips with Greens attached. I sampled them and they are delicious! Also look for Asian Greens, Kale, Garlic Chives, free range Eggs and more.!

*Leah Lake Farm has Lettuces , Greens, Herbs and root veggies. The Beets with greens attached are really quite good!

Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals offers the wild good Nettles. Super good, highly nourishing green. Plus, some very fine looking Sage. And since Poison Ivy Season has started you will find Poison Ivy Rescue salve that really works to keep it from spreading while healing the skin.
You can order the salve with the soap as well!

Easter is tight around the corner! Give your family and friends a healthier Sweet! Sylvan Falls Millis happy to offer, ‘Bunny Eggs’. Made with local ingredients , completely decadent, and you’ll just have to try them! Listed under ‘eggs’ . Bunny Logic! And of course all the yummy breads, scones, muffins, chocolate croissants and cakes.

How about a Gluten Free ’ Birthday Cake Cupcake’? VJ’s Gourmet Kitchen creation. Looks fabulous! A must try! Coffee and cupcake

Crescent Moon Farm has a fair share of sweet goodies to offer. The Butter Milk Pie is getting Rave reviews! The Goat Cheese is made fresh and very good. And soon Goats Milk!

Enjoy your ordering experience ! And Kudos for supporting your Local Fatmers!

Monday April 7, 2014 Reminder

This is a reminder that it’s my birthday and I’d like a veggie cake with fruity frosting ! One that has no calories or anything that can stick to my waist. Create that and you will sell out!!!!

Easter Bunny Eggs are a yummy , healthier alternative to all the junky chemical laden weird science non-food stuff being sold as candy to our children. Sylvan Falls Mill pays special attention to quality and local ingredients. These are listed under eggs not candy. Bunny logic!

Bo’s Garden Farm has put on a few more Tilapia orders so get them!!

The Market is Open till 4pm.

Get your orders in and I’ll see you tomorrow and Wednesday !

Rain, Growth

April 4th, 2014 Matket Opens This Evening!
Good windy evening.

Forest dogwoods are beginning to flower here as well as red buds. I was driving just down the road and trees were already leaved out. Our garden farm is in its own micro climate !

Bo’s Garden Farm has listed Tilapia!
This sells out quick , always. ! Plus wonderful large Duck Eggs. Soon there will be food grown using aqua phonics from this farm so look for it.

I have to say something about our breads and the people that make them. All are different and deliciously nutritious .

First, Sylvan Falls Mill . All the grains they use are certified Organic and grown just a few hours away. Then ground on an old time 1840’s stone mill. Yes, they make their own flour. All ingredients are sourced local. That is their passion and expectation for the Bed & Breakfast they own. This is a dense loaf bread that is our favorite for ’homemade toast. They make a number of products that are off the chart good.

Crescent Moon Farm is offering Artisan Round Salt Rising Soda Breads . Our family is in love with the Rosemary Olive Oil . There is a Cheddar Bread, Sun Dried Tomato & Onion Bread and more. These also are very good breads. Crusty and soft. And they have the Goat Cheese , Jams & Jellies to slather onto the breads. My favorite right now is the Feta Cheese!

And finally , VJ’s Gourmet Kitchen. Imagine a genius for cooking and baking combined with a passion for Gluten Free! Everything they make is yummy good and good for you ! Cookies, Muffins , crackers and much more to come. And they Roast The Sumatra Coffee perfectly!

All our bakers offer their special talent and love when baking these goods for you. Fresh. So eat wholesome , decadent, nutritious goodness and order from one or all !

We have the Butter List going this week. This Sweet Cream Butter is offered by Southern Oaks Jersey’s Dairy and made fresh. To order just leave a note to market manager when you place an order. The cost is $6.25 per pound.

Enjoy your time looking through the market.


Monday Morning Reminder 3/31/14

Good Monday to All,

This is a smiling reminder to get your orders in by 4pm this afternoon.

Still lots of good food to be harvested and made for you.

I’m very excited about all the salad mixes!!

Enjoy your day!


Egg Laying Bunnies!

Yes Bunny Eggs!

Sylvan Falls Mill is offering delectable Chocolate Bunny Eggs using simple local ingredients. Get them now to try out and they will be offered again before Easter.

They are listed under ‘eggs’! I just discovered them. Any more yummy surprises?

Enjoy your day !

Market Opens Tonight! March 28, 2014

Good evening. I hope you are enjoying this rain.

Welcome back Leah Lake Farm They have plenty of salads , greens, beets and carrots to offer so order all you want!

Baird Family Farm is offering amazing Siberian Kale ,Garlic Chives and Dehydrated Wild Chanterelles.

Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals is starting us out with the Wild Nettles which is a nutrient dense healthy food.

Welcome back VJ’s Kitchen ! You can look forward to their Gluten Free products and Sumatra Coffee which is roasted to perfection!

Welcome back Good Life Food Corp with their vegetarian ’ Skye Burgers’. Very nourishing , hardy and good!

Lots of locally grown food here to provide most of your needs for the week. So buy from your farmers first!

Eat Well Friends

Happy Spring March 21, 2014

Happy beautiful spring days !

Reminder that our Market is closed this week and will be open again March 28th. And that’s when we are back on an every week schedule.

I am happy to report our numbers are growing! I have the pleasure of meeting some very awesome people who totally support Locally Grown and our mission to make Sustainable local food available to everyone in our communities. And to support small farmers and producers in growing their businesses.

Hey Easley folks, New Pick Up!! Wednesday 4-6

The Easley Mall
817 E Main Street , Suite D

Look for the huge colored rooster at the enterance!

Pickens Folks. We are in the overflow parking lot (for now) for Pickens First Baptist. Pick up is 6-7 now.

Six Mile Folks , the pick up is at the Farm Depot
Parking area on Tuesdays 4-6. Things can be held over to Thursday once our sweet little market starts up.

Seneca is at the Lila Doyle center gazebo.

Whew! This is all being set up to flow just right with our awesome volunteers and help.

Thank you! Gratitude, gratitude and more thanks!

Look for veggies to be listed. . (Finally )

Eat well my friends!

Monday Morning Reminder 3:17:14

Good rainy morning to you all!

Deep nourishing cosmic rain means tiny seeds bursting open and life flowing out! Very awesome!

Remember to get your orders in by 4pm today !

And if you want to get on our ’ Butter List’ just add a note to market manager with your order. Fresh sweet cream butter from ,‘Southern Oaks Jersey’s Dairy’ is just 6.00 per one pound tub.

Skye Burgers are back! Made by the Good Life Food Corp. These are a delicious vegan alternative to beef burgers. And not just for the vegetarians ! They are delicious !

Enjoy your day and Eat Well!


March 14 , 2014 Market Update

Welcome Back!

The Market is OPEN this evening! You can browse and Buy your products through 3/17 Monday afternoon 4pm.

The Matket is still on an EOW schedule till April.
Stock up on all the good things you will need for the next two weeks!

Our Easley folks can pick up their products Wednesday afternoon at the Easley Mall located at 817 E Main Suite D in Easley. Just look for the giant brightly colored rooster. Just next to Wholesale Warehouse and CrossFit. This is a really cool place offering spaces for people to sell their local goods. So if any of our farmers want to display and sell your non-perishable products get them to me and I’ll set up the display. This is a really wonderful way to get your products out there.

Big THANKS to the folks at the Easley Mall for offering Carolina Foothills Locally Grown a more permanent home. I’m excited to see our market grow !