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Welcome to the Carolina Foothills Locally Grown weblog. Mainly this is a collection of e-mails that we send out each week to kick off the market, but also tells the tale of our little market.

Growers/producers may list their available products at any time now. To be available for each weeks market they must be posted no later than 8:00pm on Friday.

The site will be opened for shopping Friday evening at 9:00pm and remain open for shopping until 4 pm Monday afternoon.

Growers will drop-off their orders from 3:30 to 4:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday. Customers can pick-up their products from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on pick up site).

Customers and growers please double check your drop-off and pick-up locations. Customers, you can specify your pick-up location when you order.

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Monday Morning Reminder! 3/3/14

Good rainy morning to you all !

A quick reminder to get your products ordered by 4pm today. Remember that we will are on an EOW schedule so we will be off next week. Order what you think you’ll need to keep you stocked up. For me that means extra milk (which keep very well un-opened).

Pickens / Easley customers; I will contact you as to the meet place to pick up. We are oh so close to a solid location. :)

Oh, there is Tilapia and Duck Eggs from Bo’s Garden Farm still available! Duck Eggs are known for their richness and exceed chicken eggs when used for baking! Good eating too!

Happy Monday!

March 1, 2014 Market is OPEN!

Welcome Back!

We have lots of good Chemical-free food grown by our own local sustainable farmers.

kale is being offered by Baird Family Farm. Greens and other veggies are being started in flats right now by our farmers with the promise of good green foods in the spring. Be Excited!

Get your basics here first! Meat, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Breads, Greens and Desserts.


Spider Lily Spring Bulbs are here offered by Mountain Heritage Farmette.

Look fo Blueberry , Raspberry among other plant listings from, Wild Side Garden.

Bee Rescue Lip Balm by Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals. All proceeds go into supporting our Honey Bee Populations. Please go to FB
(Carolina Foothills Locally Grown or Wild Earth Gardens) for more information. And please LIKE!

Remember we are still on the EOW schedule until April. So get the supplies you need to last
an extra week.

Smart Chick Farm would like to Thank everyone for buying their non-GMO chicken. They have sold out of most everything except for what is currently being offered. Expect more chicken at the beginning of April (or so).

Thank You for your continued support and love.


The Market will be OPEN next Friday


Just a reminder that we are still on an EOW
(every other week) schedule until early spring.

Farmers are busy getting fields ready and starting crops. Goats are kidding and goats milk will be flowing again.

Plan your ordering with this winter schedule in mind.

Ordering is open again this Friday evening


February 14, 2014 Market Opens this evening!

Happy Valentines Day!

What wonderful weather! Kids home for the week! Lots of cocoa and games, reading, with a few movies viewed with Heirloom Popcorn.

So very Happy that that it’s warming up again and that The Market is OPEN!

With over 140 Products to offer, which is a blessing for this time of year, I’m sure you will find something delicious and nutritious. And you can be assured that ALL the products here are “Chemical Free’.

Some new products to check out:

Crescent Moon Farm is offering a book titled, “Gotta Grow with Aquaponics” by Bill Anderson of neighboring farm, ‘Open Acres Farm’. They offer classes as well. When we get the dates and times we will let you know.

Mountain Heritage Farmette is again offering ‘Spider Lilly Bulbs’ for early spring planting. These will sell out again so get them if you didn’t the last time.

Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals has a NEW product; Bee Rescue Lip Balm in a handy tin that holds more than your typical cylinder balms. Proceeds support the , Bee Rescue Project which provides natural housing and flowers for pollination. No honey is taken from these hives!

Take a look at the Market and see what you would like. Market OPENS this evening until Monday 4pm. Pick up times the same. Pickens/Easley orders will be contacted for delivery.

Thank you for your patronage!


We are Open Friday February 14th

Just a reminder to customers and farmers that we will be OPEN next Friday , February 14, 2014.

In the meantime,farmers update your products if you need to.

Customers take a look at what’s available and ORDER next week.

Put in your order for “Salted Butter” made fresh by Southern Oaks Jersey Dairy by texting the market manager at 864-436-7773. One pound tubs are $6.00.

I will just add it to your order when it comes available.


Monday Morning RemInder February 3, 2014

Good morning friends ,

Some nice additions over the weekend!

Mountain Heritage Farmette is offering beautiful Spider Lilly Bulbs. You can find them by clicking the above link under ‘Plants’ then ‘bulbs’. Check out the picture of these lovely Lilly’s so you can see where they will fit in your garden.

I spied Pie! Crescent Moon Farm has listed Buttermilk Pie ! Get the whole pie or get it by the slice to try it. Yum!

Since I’m on a sweets roll I am completely taken by the Chocolate Cake from Sylvan Falls Mill ! It is simply chocolate heaven!

And of course there’s the Buckeye’s and Mounds Rounds from The Fudge Factory .

Treat yourself! Workout later!

Grow, Love, Eat Well

P.S. We’ll be open again on February 14-17.

Winter Wonderland! January 31, 2014

To take a look at the market and start ordering , just click on this:

Announcement: For the months of February and March the market will be OPEN Every Other Week starting with this week!

So order what you’ll need this weekend through Monday February 3, till 4pm. Market will be Open again February 14th.

I got to enjoy a few days off from school to play in the snow with my son. And now warming again. Starting seeds for spring planting now. Very thankful for the sun’s warmth.

I’m Happy to announce that Crescent Moon Farm is back and listing some very good Breads and Rolls. Made fresh from Organic simple ingredients. They are offering chedder cheese bread , rosemary olive bread , white bread and pretzel rolls.

Sylvan Falls Mill is offering chocolate cake, gluten free chocolate muffins,scones and of course their fine choices of Organic whole wheat and 7-grains breads.

Lots of eggs, meats, milk, coffees , Green Salves and a bit of produce left.


Gibson Farms is offering: Organic, Hormone Free, Grass Fed Beef!

Rib Eye Steaks $18.00 per # (5-7) oz cuts. New York Strip $16.50 per # (5-7) oz cuts.

Text or call market manager (864-436-7773) to place your order.

Also, If you havent tried any chicken from Smart Chick I would highly recommend that you try it! It’s the only GMO FREE chicken in this fine state of ours. The taste is unequalled by anyone anywhere!

Thank you so much for your on-going support of local, sustainable, chemical free, organic food grown right in our community.

Looking forward to Abundant vegetables and herbs in the spring!


Market is Open! January 24 2014

Hello good people,

Winter is here! Fall plantings are fading out and it too early for spring planting. Still some good food to order. And good opportunity to sort seeds and decide what to plant this year.

I do hope you are staying warm.

We have warm Cocoa from Jumpin Goats Coffee Roaster. A nice blend of the finest cocoa beans blended with vanilla beans to make this gourmet delight deep snd rich with flavor. Use by itself in MILK from Southern Oaks Jersey Dairy or make a homemade Mocha with Organic, Fairtrade Sumatra Coffee.


Organic, Hormone Free, Grass Fed Beef from Gibson Farms.
Rib Eye Steaks 5-7 oz cuts $18.00 per #
New York Strip 5-7 oz cuts $16.50 per #

Call or text Market Manager to order : 864-436-7773

We have lots of eggs and preserves from The Happy Berry. My favorite is Muscadine Preserves on Gluten Free Toast.

I want to warmly * WELCOME* our newest Easley folks. We farmers are very happy to offer you chemical free food.


Monday January 20, 2014 Reminder


A Reminder that the Market is OPEN till 4pm today.

Special Orders

The only Certified Organic Beef in the Upstate!
Gibson Farms is offering :
Rib Eye Steaks (6-7 oz) packs ; $18.00 per #
New York Strip (5-6 oz) packs; $16.50 per #

Baird Family Farm is offering Natural Grown Ground Pork Sausage in one pound packs:
6.75 / pound.

Just let me know what you want with a call or text and I will add it to your order. (864-436-7773).

Try the Fair Trade Organic , locally roasted , Sumatra Coffee from VJ’s Kitchen now in 2 oz. Trial sizes. Makes one full pot of very robust coffee.

And we now have the 12 oz packs of Pure Cocoa heaven from Jumpin Goats Coffee Roasters. Still cold enough for Cocoa!

Still lots of abundance to offer you. Our Farmers work very hard to provide Clean food for your health and well being.

Also, the PTT meeting on Medicinal Herbs is scheduled Tuesday at the Earle Grove Baptist Church near Townville, beginning at around 4:30 p.m.  The early start is to allow more time for various product work sessions, and they also plan to have a pot-luck main dish dinner, as well as healthy snacks .

Bring a yummy dish to share and I will see you there!

January 17th What's New!


Hello good people,

What’s New !

We welcome Southern Oaks Jerseys Dairy!That means we now have Cows Milk (yay)!
Chocolate Milk , Buttermilk , and of course a Gallon or Half-Gallon of Whole Pasturized or Raw Milk.

Gluten Free baked goods made by VJ’s Kitchen. Offering freshly roasted Sumatra coffee beans as well! I’ve tasted this coffee and the Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. You are in for a treat!

Sylvan Falls Mill is back this week with ALL of her freshly made Organic Breads, Gluten Free muffins, Scones, Croisants and Chocolate Cake !*

Smart Chick Farms is back this week after a much needed vacation. Welcome Back!

We have over 130 products to choose from including All the staples. We have over 22 Farmers that grow your food Sustainably. WOW!!!!

Our Pickens/Easley customers are growing in numbers! We are close to a permanent pick up location so keep buying from our sustainable local farmers, tell your friends and family and we will contact you to let you know where you can pick up your products.

Love your community,
Love your Farmers,