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Welcome to the Carolina Foothills Locally Grown weblog. Mainly this is a collection of e-mails that we send out each week to kick off the market, but also tells the tale of our little market.

Growers/producers may list their available products at any time now. To be available for each weeks market they must be posted no later than 8:00pm on Friday.

The site will be opened for shopping Friday evening at 9:00pm and remain open for shopping until 4 pm Monday afternoon.

Growers will drop-off their orders from 3:30 to 4:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday. Customers can pick-up their products from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on pick up site).

Customers and growers please double check your drop-off and pick-up locations. Customers, you can specify your pick-up location when you order.

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Market Update for January 13, 2014

Good morning,

A reminder that the Market is open till 4pm.

As a Farmer I can say that given the weather
(winter) it’s quite normal to be lean on the vegetables and greens. In fact, the earth (soil mico-organisms) are busy breaking down debris and such , building up fertility for the grand release starting slowly in the spring.

This Farmer believes that following Natures Rythums produces the highest quality, vitamin and mineral packed food for our health and well being. Everything has a season.

Roots. These are the good winter keepers. Still some Sweet Potatoes, Sunchoked, and sweet turnips.

Stay warm. Eat Well. Grow.

January 10th Market is Open!

Happy Friday to you!

Good News and Bad News!!

Bad New first. Leah Lake Farm has experienced massive crop failure with All of his Green foods. The single digit tempatures reaked a bit of havoc! He will have Carrots, Beets and a few other root foods to offer and for that we are Thankful.

Mill Gap Farm has a few veggies to offer as well. Baird Family Farm and Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals will have Greens again in a few weeks.


We have a New Grower ! VJ’s Kitchen
Check out their offerings of an assortment of Gluten Free Breads and Cookies. I am very excited about this!

And Organic Sumatra Coffee ! Also offered by VJ’s Kitchen.
Freshly Roasted to perfection! Low acid and deep rich flavor. Great combo so order it and Welcome our Newest Sustainable minded member!

And remember to get your freshly stone ground Organic Breads, Scones, and Desserts from Sylvan Falls Mill.
I notice Chocolate Cake!!!

Dry skin Notice! With the drying effects of heat and wood stoves I want to remind you to take a look under category; Bath and Beauty. Notice Wild Earth Garden & Herbals has plant based Salves good for all over body moisture plus the healing properties of the plants infused into the Organic Oils.

Thank You for your continued support of your Local Farmers using no chemicals and keeping our food supply CLEAN!

The Market is OPEN! January 3, 2014


Welcome Back!

Good time of some rest and fellowship with family and friends.

It’s so cold out there, BUT we still have green foods ! And Fresh Vegetables!
Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals has Arugula that’s very tasty! Baird Family Farm has Beautiful Kale!
Mill Gap Farm has Hakurei Turnips which have a very sweet flavor Raw or cooked! And Jerusalem Artichokes!

Keep warm with great tasting Coffee and Cocoa from Jumpin Goats Coffee Roasters.

We still have all the staples to stock your cupboards. Meats, eggs, breads, veggies,jams , jellies and coffee.

The Market is open till Monday afternoon 4:00.


Holiday Reminders

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays

The Market is open Friday through Monday with our normal pickup times. We will be Closed through New Years ! OPEN January 3, 2014.

Stock up on all your farm food needs, buy any last minute gifts and ENJOY this holiday with your family and friends.

Also, please welcome *The Happy Berry’ to our family of Growers! Check out their offerings and their Grower Page to find out what a blessing it is to have the number one fruit provider in this area listing their products here.


CAFE is having their annual Christmas party on
December 22 (2-5 pm ) at The Art Center in
Clemson. Many Growers (myself included) will be here. It’s a great opportunity to meet them. And to enjoy good music , fun activities, door prizes and good potluck food.

I want to thank Our Growers for helping get this market going. Without you there is no market !
We started this on line market because we saw
great need in the counties we serve. One Market cannot handle all the demand for farm to table products! It is only with our combined efforts and
support of one another that we can make our local communities strong.

The single biggest difference we can make is with our $$$$. Buy non- GMO food locally from Your Farmers!

God Bless Us!

Sharing Their Bounty

*The CFLG Market is OPEN now through Monday afternoon – ’til 4:00ish. *

Our growers continue to share from their bounty of fresh produce, homemade goodies and handmade craft and gift products for your shopping pleasure.

Sylvan Falls Mill has their famous ‘Buche De Noel’ in Chocolate and Gluten Free Almond (yea!),
Coffee Rings, Old-fashioned German Stollen, and Assorted Christmas Cookies.

Bo’s Garden Farm is offering Fresh, Whole Tilapia and Cayuga Duck Eggs! Duck eggs are one of the richest eggs and not only taste great by themselves but are excellent for baking.

Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals and Mountain Heritage Farm have teamed up in offering their array of lotions and potions that enhance your beauty and health. Check it out!

Also, keep in mind the market’s offerings of flavored coffees and cocoa’s for quick gifts this season, for unexpected company dropping by, or for just treating yourself to something nice.

Eat Well, Be Well!

December Already !

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving ! An abundance of food filled the table. A prayer was said for those who have great need.

So we give Thanks!

*The Market is OPEN through Monday afternoon till 4:00. *

Lots of NEW farm goodies to offer!

Dessert First!

*Sylvan Falls Mill *has their famous ‘Buche De Noel’ in Chocolate and Gluten Free Almond (yay).
Coffee Rings, old fashioned German Stollen, and Assorted Christmas Cookies.

*Bo’s Garden Farm * is offering Fresh Whole Tilapia and Cayuga Duck Eggs! Duck eggs are one of the richest eggs and not only taste great by themselves and are excellent for you bakers out there.

*Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals *and *Mountain Heritage Farm *have teamed up in offering their array of lotions and potions that enhance your beauty and health. Check it out!

We have 216 farmer’s offerings! Wow! Remember to take a percentage of what you would spend at a corporate grocery store and spend it with your local farmers.

Eat Well!

Stay Warm Eat Local

Oh I so love wood stoves and warm cocoa added to my coffee!

Most outside markets are over until late spring. One exception is ‘Heritage Farmers Market’ on hwy 123. You can visit them Saturday’s.

We will be open year round. Sit in a warm place and meander through the farmers offerings on this market. You can also click on the growers page and see details and pictures of the farms.

Make a regular habit of committing a portion of what you spend at the grocery store and putting those dollars directly in our community by buying directly from the farmers here. (it took me a bit of time to form a habit ). But now, I never miss a week because there is always something I need every week!

Some staples; breads, eggs, meats, milk, cheese, salad, veggies, coffee, deserts. Jams , jellies, honey , and even veggie burgers! (which have a huge following in Ne Georgia )!

Some New products have been added so check it out!

Leah :ake Farm and Sylvan Falls Mill are off this week.


Monday November 18th 2013


Hello friends,

Happy Misty morning to you. A gentle reminder to place your orders today. You have till 4pm.

And it’s the last week for Six Mile Farmers Market this Thursday from 3-6 pm. Please join us as some special activities are planned.

This is also the pick up site for our Six Mile customers. It will remain the pick up site even after the market is finished.


Happy Harvest


Greetings loyal friends,

Lovely still November day.

There are lots of products to include in your weekly grocery budget. Here are a few of them:
Bradshaw Farms still has seven Naraganzette Heritage Turkeys still available for Thanksgiving.
Order now to get them the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Wild Earth Gardens is offering red jewel sweet potatoes. This is most likely the last week for them so get some.

Sylvan Falls Mill has a good selection of Organic stone ground milled products as well as breads, cakes and Gluten Free Muffins ( which
we having been selling lots of)!

Goats On A Hill has a nice selection of breads
too so be sure ti check that out as well.

Jumpin Goats Coffee Cimpany has Gourmet Coffee and Cocoa that is starting tobe recognized as something quite extra ordinary. The Gourmet Cocoa is absolutely wonderful! If you don’t want the full pound then we do offer a trial size. A new flavored coffee has been added , ’ Chocolate Mint’. Awesome good !

Smart Chick , the only non-GMO chicken in Sourh Carolina is offering all their products on two other Locally Grown Markets besides ours. We are all connected throughout the state an everywhere !

And our favorite year round lettuce
grower,’*Leah Lake Farm* is geared up to provide good abundance for you throughout the
up comng months.

Enjoy your shopping experience. Keep your
dollars local and buy from your farmers!

Stillness and Beauty (November 8, 2013

The crackle of leaves underfoot. Look at the effortless mulching the earth moves into this time of year. As wind spreads a blanket of leaves to protect leaving no bare ground. Energy moves down through roots and earth. Dying to what was once abundant above the ground.

Now it’s time to sheet mulch as the soil wakes up and works non-stop towards new life yet to come. Sow your cover crops now.

And remember that your Farmers still grow for you! Hoop houses and hydoponics, all to extend the season and protect newly planted fall/winter food. Abundance extended!

Harvest what your Farmers have worked so hard
to provide. So much food ! And lots of handcrafted products as well.

Love your Farmers, buy their offerings!

Market opens this evening at 8:00.

P.S. Like us on Facebook

Grow, Marantha