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Welcome to the Carolina Foothills Locally Grown weblog. Mainly this is a collection of e-mails that we send out each week to kick off the market, but also tells the tale of our little market.

Growers/producers may list their available products at any time now. To be available for each weeks market they must be posted no later than 8:00pm on Friday.

The site will be opened for shopping Friday evening at 9:00pm and remain open for shopping until 4 pm Monday afternoon.

Growers will drop-off their orders from 3:30 to 4:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday. Customers can pick-up their products from 4:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on pick up site).

Customers and growers please double check your drop-off and pick-up locations. Customers, you can specify your pick-up location when you order.

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Summer Veggies Increase

“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.”

Wendell Berry,
The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture

This is why our Locally Grown Market exists.
Our Farmers here , in using natural and sustainable growing practices, increase the health of our soils and our bodies. It strengthens our local communities . Know exactly where your food comes from. Get to know your Farmers and Producers.

Summer Veggies Increase

French Filet and Provider Green Beans, Summer Squashes, Onions, Carrots, early Peppers and Tomatoes. Just to name a few.

Lots of assorted Green Foods to choose from as well!

The Giggle Farm.
GMO -Free Rabbit Meat
I ordered the weight of my choice exquisite GMO Free Rabbit Meat. I cut it into smaller pieces and marinated it overnight in a lemon ginger garlic scape sauce I concocted and put it on the grill. Wow! Very good! And no it doesn’t taste like chicken. It has a mild flavor only rabbits have. You must try it! And these farmers are Awesome!

Remember we open this evening after 8 pm. We have several farmers on vacation and some of us will add more products after our Friday Markets.

We have a new pick up spot for our Pickens /Easley folks at the YMCA Pickens on Tuesdays 4:15-6:15. So don’t hesitate to Order!

Eat well!

Monday morning Reminder!

Happy Monday !

Thankful for the rain this weekend. We sure needed it.

Visited Baird Family Farm yesterday. As I entered the main entrance I was greeted by two beautiful milk goats munching on creek forage. In the field behind them are Beautiful 100 foot long raised beds filled with all kinds of organically grown food. A circle of herbs and flowers catch your eyes as you walk beyond the raised beds to spaded field filled with soy beans, sweet potatoes and more. Across the creek and past the Farm Cabin is a nice outside kitchen with a view of more raised beds full of Assorted Greens,, carrots turnips, radishes to name just a few . And there is more. Across another bridge with large creek is yet another massive field. The soil is so dark and sweet. Watermelons , tomatoes , squashes and more adorn this field. With Hawk flying overhead , rushing water over rocks and lovely peaceful breeze this farm girl stood in appreciation of all the obvious hard work that went into and continues to create this thriving abundant farm. Fruit and berry orchards on hill sides too! Wow! The land there has been farmed using Bio-Dynamic Practices for over 25 years. The food from this farm is beautiful to look at and highly nutritious. They encourage people to come on out and visit the farm! You may even get put to work.

The Baird Family Farm is looking for farm help. If you are interested please contact Richard Baird directly at 864-436-7773 or email him at

The Market will remain open till 4pm.

Eat Well!

Market will close at 6pm tonight!

In the Garden now so I will leave the Market Open till 6pm.

Beautiful Day!

Happy Friday! Market Opens Tonight!

Happy Morning to you!

Welcome New Customers

Our NEW pick up location for Pickens/Easley is at the YMCA Pickens! Just come on in the front entrance ( 4:15 to 6:15) and you’ll see our table and a smiling face!

The YMCA is all about promoting Health, Fitness and Local Chemical-Free Food! Bravo to this awesome group of people at the YMCA.

As food grows the more is offered. When you buy local Organic you are saying NO to GMO and putting your dollars into your farmers who live in our community.

Lots of abundance to choose from. Note that Farmers will add products through the weekend so check back.

Have Fun browsing and remember that when you order you must choose a pick up location for it to go through. Any ??? Just text the Market Manager.


Special Summer Event

A Special Event

Mr. Riley Johnson, Seneca’s special events coordinator, has recently received a grant to hold a one-time event he is calling an “Organic Garden Party,” in downtown Seneca. Among the family style activities to be promoted, set-ups at no charge will be provided for local farmers to sell their produce, baked goods, cheeses and other aftermarket products. Mr. Riley is looking for input as to the best date (month and day of the week) to hold the event. He also would like to issue invitations to the local producers to sell at this summer market.

For more information, please contact: Riley Johnson, 864-723-3910,

Happy Start of Summer!

You still have TODAY to get your orders in!

Plenty of food to choose from and lots of sustainable conscious farmers that grow them! We are fortunate to have these farmers growing for us!

Every basic food need is offered here: milk, cheese, eggs, breads & muffins, meat, greens, vegetables, herbs, coffee & teas, as well as simple products for bath and beauty. And oh yes, Desserts!

If you haven’t tried ordering yet start TODAY!

Plenty of food to choose from and lots of sustainable conscious farmers that grow them! We are fortunate to have these farmers growing for us!

If you haven’t tried ordering yet Get started TODAY!

YMCA Pickens!
This Wednesday , May 28, 2014,
CFLG will be there participating with the activities of health and wellness. Eating not just local, but local chemical free food contributes greatly to your ling term health and longevity.
Be there 10-noon. Would love to meet you all!

Much Love & Abundance!

Marantha ,
Volunteer Market Manager

Market is Open!

Hey there folks!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Even though some of you are out of town it’s easy to order your food from our Farmers using your smart phones ! Take a moment, place your orders, food is harvested and ready for you Tuesday either in Six Mile , Pickens /Easley or Seneca..

New Growers sometimes come on during the ordering cycle so be sure to *check what’s available a few times to make sure you have everything you want.

Wednesday May 28th, we will be at the Pickens YMCA from 10am to noon. Meet a few of our Farmers/ Producers , a sampling of products , and the value of meeting a grower you buy products from face to face.

See you there!!

A reminder that Crescent Moon Farm will turn off her cakes and pies Sunday evening. So order your sweeties early!

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Monday Morning Reminder!!!

Good Morning Folks!

Lots of healthful , chemical free, tasty food available. Get your orders in by 4pm!

Upcoming Event

May 28th Wednesday 10-noon
Pickens YMCA is having a Wellness Event’ in which we were invited to attend! So come on out and meet a few of your farmers! We’ll have a sampling of products as well.

A NEW pick up location is in the works for Pickens / Easley.

The produce increases as the season moves forward. Spend some of your $$$ buying food that you can trust is from around here.

Eat Well

Food for Thought!

It’s a nice inside kind of day. Take some time to see what’s growing and make your orders.

While I am a grower I don’t grow everything ! I feel it’s absolutely critical for farmers to support each other as well. There is so much good food here! Thank you to ALL our Growrrs and Producers!

Today I went to Ingles for bananas and avocados. I was noticing that prices for conventionally grown produce is high! What a shock ! I’m am thankful that the prices here for local chemical free foods are very affordable . It very much validates my passion for letting you , my fellow farmers, supply the food and health products for my family. Thank you.

It’s worth it to order here first. Then visit your farmers at the open markets weekends. There is every reason to sustain yourself and family on llocal farm food all week long all year long !

Eat Well!

Market Opens Tonight!

Happy Friday

Warm Welcome to our newest grower ,Earthen Organics! Offering worm casting products to help your garden and plants grow healthier and stronger.

The Giggle Farm! Gotta smile at just hearing the name ! They are offering Rabbit Meat by the pound. If you’ve never tasted this you’re in for a treat.

Enjoy your time here!

Eat Well